There are reports that Hamas is digging 10 kilometers (six miles) of tunnel each month toward Israel, a senior security official told a local new outlet recently. Despite several tunnel collapses in recent months the construction continues.
The discovery of a tunnel leading from southern Gaza into Israel, and subsequent progress in detection in other areas, means Israel has obtained the precise ability to know where Hamas’s tunnels snake their way underground.

The tunnels are supposed to enable Hamas to insert its highly trained and heavily armed Nuhba Force members into Israel in a future war.
Since May we have seen cross-border mortar fire from Gaza and Kassam attacks on Sderot. The Palestinian terror group was targeting IDF units engaged in hi-tech tunnel detection work between Israel and northern Gaza.

The IDF has begun construction on a massive, $600 million underground wall along the Israel-Gaza border intended to halt Hamas terror tunnels used to launch attacks and funnel weapons. The wall, which will run the length of Israel’s 60-kilometer border with the Gaza Strip, will reach to a depth of several dozen meters, said IDF officials. The concrete barrier will also stretch above-ground. High-tech detection systems and sensors incorporated into the thick concrete wall will represent an additional barrier to terrorists.

  To add to the digging of tunnels by Hamas, ISIS has been making its way into Gaza via other smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Despite Egypt’s attempt to fill detected smuggling tunnels with sea water ISIS has still been able to make their way into Gaza. The first ISIS-inspired military action in Gaza happened in October 2014, when an explosive device started a fire at the French cultural center in Gaza City. The French cultural center was attacked again in December 2014 causing extensive
damage, and in January 2015, ISIS supporters held a rally outside the center, burned the Tricolor, and defaced the center with graffiti.

ISIS has vowed to overthrow Hamas leadership in Gaza, as they are seen as infidels to the caliphate. From Gaza ISIS plans to enter Israel and wreak havoc in the towns bordering Gaza, which puts Sderot clearly in their sites.

  We are far away from feeling safe. We spend time looking over our backs, we liy in bed at night listening for digging sounds, for the next place to hide when we hear the “Tseva Adom” alarm sound and yet in spite of the terrorist tunnels, the mortars and Kassam rockets, knife wheedling terrorist and now the threat of ISIS we continue to life a life a normal life as much as possible, if you can call this a “normal” life.