New Road Signs Warn That You Are Driving In An Unprotected Area.

It all started Sunday around six P.M. with the first Kassam being fired at us. Kassams would continue to be fired at us all Sunday evening and for the next two days. Reports vary but between Kassams and Mortars there were some sixty fired between Sunday evening and eleven o’clock Tuesday evening when Hamas called for a cease fire.

Road Sign
Road Sign

For the next fifty four hours, one of the main roads leading in and out of Sderot was closed due to the Kassams and mortars. People were urged to stay indoors and close to their “protected rooms”.   Events with more than three hundred people were told they need to be canceled.  Places of work that do not have adequate “protective room” within the fifteen second warning time frame were urged to remain closed.

All the schools in the area were closed for two days (35,000 students) as terrorist’s Kassams and Mortars continued to be fired at us. Some schools around the world have “Snow Days” when schools are closed because of the snowfall and kids stay home and have fun playing in the snow. Here in Sderot we have “War Days” when schools are closed because it is to dangerous for children to go outside to play or even go to school.

The “Iron Dome” took many of the rockets out while in flight; however there is no warning system or defensive system against Mortars. One house in Sderot was hit and a children’s playground was hit.

Call me nuts, but as I see it, my medical clowning training isn’t only a blessing; it’s also a commitment. 60 4th graders – each and every one of whom had to run for her life numerous times at the beginning of the week

Wednesday school day started with music, games and art, trying to help the children with their fear of being away from home and at school. On Friday Adele Raemer, a certified Medical clown was clowning to sixty fourth grade girls and telling them about Medical Clowning.

When Adele is not clowning she is the Administrator of the Facebook page “Life on the border with Gaza – things people may not know (but should)”. This group, this page will keep you up to day in real time as to the situation here in Sderot and all along the Gaza border. Anyone can join this group and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Red Alert App
Red Alert App

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have your cell phone go off day and night with a “Tseva Adom alarm? Would you like to experience (without the explosion) what we live with?  If so, you can download the “Red Alert – Cumta” app on your cell phone; it will give you some idea of what we live with. The only difference is… you can just turn it off… we can’t!

We are here to help in any way we can.  It might be food, clothing, a trip to the doctor’s office, a hot meal in the evening or a sandwich for a hungry school child. If you need to have an electric bill paid before your power is turned off, we will do what we can to keep the lights on. Single moms need baby clothes or diapers… because of you, we are there!

All of our volunteers live in Sderot, all of our staff from the CEO down, all live in Sderot… That is all but one who lives in the states to take care of our banking there. We all have the same fifteen seconds to run to a bomb shelter, the same fear of an explosive balloon overhead, or the next Kassam, or when the current “cease fire” will end. Our newsletters are created in a bomb shelter, where our office is…we know firsthand the life in Sderot.  We see the needs.  Those we help are our neighbors, our friends, our coworkers.

You are the ones that make it possible for our doors to be open, to help in every way we do. THANK YOU for without you there would be no help from Hope For Sderot. If you have never supported us before or it has been a while since you last did, , would you consider doing it today, Just go to our “donate” page.