As I read the various accounts about the Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s murder something just doesn’t sit right with me, something just doesn’t sound kosher.

With the count now at twenty six illegal passport carrying Mossad agents, some fleeing from Dubai to Iran, one of many red flags goes up. When you see the pictures of these supposed Mossad agents smiling into CCTV cameras in the elevator lobby, you have to ask yourself, “Wouldn’t you avoid the cameras, or at least look away from them?”

Why Mossad would use British/Israeli passports of Israeli citizens is beyond me. According to an unconfirmed report in the British paper, The Daily Mail, the agents knew they were being filmed by security cameras and that Israel was surprised at the efficiency of Dubai’s police in assembling all the raw footage into a coherent narrative.

Mossad is a top notch organization that is more than capable of running successful covert operations without being detected. Israel has a history of keeping its mouth shut about allegations of what Mossad has or has not done. I’m sorry, but the pieces are not adding up! Why would it take twenty six agents to take out one man?

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh had many enemies. The Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, has insinuated that it was possible that the Palestinian Authority had been involved in the assassination. “Several of the PA’s intelligence apparatuses may have been involved in the assassination,” he told the al-Manar network.

A preliminary investigation conducted by Hamas suggests that the assassination of their official in Dubai last month was likely carried out by agents of an Arab government, and not by Israel’s Mossad spy agency.

Hamas and Dubai police say that Mabhouh had many enemies in the Middle East; most of them had a motive for his murder. A Hamas source told Haaretz that Mabhouh was wanted by authorities in both Jordan and Egypt, where he previously spent a year in prison.

Palestinian rivals in the West Bank are also possible Hamas suspects in the murder. “It is quite possible that Palestinian Authority security forces were involved,” Osama Hamdan, told Hezbollah’s television station Al-Manar. ”West Bank forces are persecuting our fighters and have killed dozens since 1994.”

British, Irish, French and German and now Australian passports were used in the operation. Some with altered pictures, some with different birthdates and some were spot on. “The passport controversy obviously will be harmful for the way Israel is treated by the EU,” said an official who asked to remain anonymous.

Will we see the EU backing away from Israel, will their trust in Israel be damaged, and will they no longer push for sanctions on Iran? The way I see it, this is a calculated smear tactic against Israel? Mossad is capable of taking Mahmoud al-Mabhouh out but did they? It seems everyone is talking but Israel.

I’m not pointing a finger at anyone I’m just looking at the so called “evidence” that is being presented and I’m left scratching my head saying, “Something is not Kosher here.” Ultimately, no matter who it was that killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Israel will be blamed.