A few weeks ago, we told you about the family of Sema and Jonathan who lost their 13 year old daughter, Ela, four years ago. They had invited us back to visit the memorial they built for Ela. We thought it might be a nice plaque somewhere. Well, we had the chance to visit them this week and they took us over to see the memorial.

To our surprise, it was a lovely building and park built in Ela’s memory. The site is used for a Knesset (Synagogue), for meetings and for parties. It is a beautiful place to visit; but as we saw the pictures of Ela from infancy
to the last picture that was taken of her just two weeks before she died, like Sema we could not hold back our tears. It is still a very fresh wound to the family.

Jonathan and Sema keep up the grounds and maintain the building out of their own pockets. They did; however, ask if we had any volunteers that would help paint the inside of the building and maybe we could help them purchase the paint.

We told them as we tell everyone we meet and everyone that asked for help…”We will make you no promises, but we will see how G-D will provide for us to help you.” This, like many other families who have asked for help, tugs on our heart strings.  We want so much to help and get involved; so we will wait and see how we can help.