In the eight months we have been here in Sderot, we have heard many stories of pain, suffering and tragedy. When you think you have heard them all, someone else walks through the door. Thursday is our distribution day.  Many people come to pick up food or apply for help from Hope for Sderot.  This past Thursday was no different, except for the person and the story.

Ziod is one of maybe ten Arabs that live in Sderot. Ziod lived in Gaza.  His friends and family still live there. Ziod was approached by the Israeli government to provide them with information about
terrorist plots and other “goings on” in Gaza.

In return for his services, he was given a home in Sderot so he could travel back and forth to Gaza.  They provided him with a car and financial support. Ziod had to count the cost because he might be paying the ultimate price… his life. He agreed to help… why? “If I could help stop an attack from Gaza it would also prevent an attack from Israel, I was hopi