Yafeem had open heart surgery thirteen years ago. They had to take veins from his left leg to complete the operation. He recovered from the surgery and there were no complications. Then five years ago, He heard Tseva Adom. The Kassam landed only one meter away from him. Shrapnel tore through his right leg and shrapnel remains in his leg today.

When asked how he could have been that close and survived; he said “it was a miracle.”

Today Yafeem walks with the aid of a crutch. One of the remarkable things about Yafeem is he comes to the moxson to help. He sets his crutch in the corner and hobbles around the work table where we package the food for distribution. Last week, when we had received our last shipment of food, Yafeem was there to help carry the cases of food in.

He was in pain, you could see it in his face, yet he would not sit down or take a break.

He qualifies to receive assistance from us but he won’t take as much as a bag of rice. He says “I have everything I need.” He comes only to help. Yafeem, like the others that come to volunteer, come because they want to help others, and they know it is a great mitzvah (a blessing) to do that. They know they are storing up treasures in Heaven and yet that is not why they do it. Yafeem does it because it is a good feeling to help those brothers and sisters who are in need. Sometimes it is hard work and painful for Yafeem, but most mornings, he is there before the front door is open waiting for us.

I guess that sums up Hope For Sderot… helping those who need help, those who can’t help themselves, all the while reminding them that G-D loves them and all we are able to do is by the grace of G-D and through His love for His children. It is the people like Yafeem that make this a special place to live and serve Ha’Shem.