In April of this year we told you about Elanete. (Click here to read her story) She is a married mother of four children and was pregnant with the fifth. Due to financial difficulties she felt the only solution was to have an abortion. We made her promise us that she would not have the abortion until we got back with her. We were able to find an organization in Jerusalem that was willing to help with clothes and baby furniture once the baby was born and there was a volunteer who was able to help them financial at that time as well.

The good news as you can tell by the picture is that Elanete did not have the abortion and Shera was born November 5th. There are still needs the family has, the biggest right now is keeping Shera supplied in diapers and baby food. We were able to provide her with a new food processor for when Shera is able to eat solid food and two cash gifts from people that heard the story and were willing to help out.

Financially their situation hasn’t changed, in fact this is the time that things will start to get tighter as Elanete is now off work for the next two months. We will do our best as the L-RD provides to help Shera’s parents with diapers and baby food. If you remember what it was like to buy diapers when your children were little and would like to help, click here.