width= There was a story recently in our local paper about a single mom whose children were denied lunch in the kindergarten they attend because she had fallen behind on paying for their lunch. It turned out that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

The article went on to tell about her living conditions and her need for food and basic clothing items for her four children. The oldest daughter, who is thirteen, blames mom for the situation they are in. Her daughter does not realize that there are circumstances beyond her mother’s control.

Sari is, like many others caught in the bureaucratic nightmare of having applied for citizenship thirteen years ago, but not yet having received it, is legally a permanent resident. As such, she is not entitled to medical coverage for herself or her family, and governmental assistance is nil.

We were not able to contact her on Friday before Shabbat, but first thing Sunday morning we called the paper, and they put us in contact with the family’s social-worker, who in turn gave us her phone number.

As we spoke to her we got a sense of some of her immediate needs. We went to the supermarket and filled up a cart for her. The kids are sleeping on beds that are falling apart and in need of sheets and blankets; in the heat of Israel she had one fan to cool the house. The woman has only a two-burner stove top to cook on… neither oven nor microwave.

We were able to get her three new fans, sheets, and blankets for the beds and a small toaster-oven. Someone else took care of the money she owed the school, but she is still in need of an oven and microwave. We have put her on our list of those we help each month with food. We hope funds will become available for us to to help her get the other things she needs to take care of her family. If you would like to help her you can click here and add a note that your gift is for Sari.

Not everyone we help has been injured by a Kassam rocket attack from the terrorists in Gaza… Some have fallen through the cracks and have nowhere to turn. We are blessed that Hope For Sderot has become a safety net for them, and that is only possible because of your support. THANK YOU!