Named after the VW in the Disney move “the love Bug”, Herbie is our little work horse. We got it six years ago from one of the people we help. They needed four thousand shekels in order to keep their home from going into foreclosure so they sold it to us.

It has become a vital part of what we do each day. We use it to deliver food and diapers, take people to doctor appointments, pick up and deliver furniture, pick up food from our supplier and take tools and supplies to home repairs we do for people.

It is a 1998 Renault Kangoo and now has some 280,000 kilometer on it and is in need of major repairs if we keep it. Our mechanic has been telling us for some time “Don’t bring it back to me it is not worth fixing again” and yet has does the best he can to keep it on the road for us at little or no cost to us.

It needs to go back into the garage this week because we are now having problems with the glow plugs, possibly the fuel injectors and reverse is going out. In addition the major thing wrong with it there are the less important thing like the air conditioner does not work, nor does the heater of defroster, the side and back door don’t lock and the

passenger side window only goes up and down sometimes; those thing we can and have lived with although the air conditioner would be nice in the summer here.

Élan tells me he can find us a good dependable replacement car for around $5000 (20,000 shekels); nothing new, nothing fancy, just dependable. It’s important that we get the car replaced before it stops altogether. We need your help to replace Herbie. You have always been there when we have needed help I feel a bit embarrassed to come to you with this but we have nowhere else to turn but to those who have been our supporters for the past seven years. If you can help just click here to get started.
Toda Raba

Stewart Ganulin


Hope For Sderot