Esti has been single parenting for the past three years. Esti and Caliv were involved with charity work for fourteen years, helping those who were not able to help themselves for one reason or the other.  Before his death, he gave of his time, his resources and himself. Since then life has been hard for Esti and the kids. Esti was referred to us from one of our five advisory board members. We made an appointment to meet her and see how we could help.

What we found was a home well over do for a paint job, door jambs with dry rot and a bathroom with the paint pealing off the wall and plaster missing. All Esti was hoping for was for some help
with food. She provided all the documents we asked for, and we are able to bless her with food now.

A volunteer from the states was here and offered to help paint her home over the course of a week.  We were able to paint her home completely, replace the door jambs and repair the bathroom. There is something about a fresh coat of paint on a wall that just brightens up your home and your life.  Esti had no hope of getting this work done, so once again we all say Baruch HaShem!!!

But the story of Esti goes beyond a paint job and food. As in so many other cases, she asked if she could come and help us, could she come and volunteer. She now comes to the moxson (storage place… that’s what we call the store front G-D has blessed us with) everyday to help, whether it’s wrapping Tu’Bshvat baskets or packing the weekly food items for distribution. Our last shipment of food did not arrive to the moxson until almost eight o’clock at night. She and four others volunteers returned that evening to help move seven pallets of food, by hand into the moxson. I wonder sometimes who is blessing who… but the one thing we have in common is we are all praising G-D for His goodness.