Abigail (who asked not to be pictured) is a Special Ed teacher during the school year. During the summer break she tutors children that have fallen behind during the school year.

Damaged Wall
Damaged Wall

She does this at no cost to the students who are so desperately in need of the help. She uses a small two room house on her property as her classrooms. One of the rooms is a library full of book for her students and it is also used as a classroom for those who suffer with Attention-Deficit Disorder or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

The problem she was facing this summer, was the large classroom had fallen into disrepair.  Since her Father died, there has not been anyone to maintain it, Her dad  was the one who maintained it for her. With him gone, she didn’t know how she could ever bring it up to standard in such a short time or without it costing her a fortune to have someone come and fix it for her.

Her sister-in-law is a teacher at one of the school Hope For Sderot has done work for in the past and she gave Abigail our number hoping we could help her. Abigail told us of her problem and we went to see what we could do to help her. We were already in the middle of another project but told here if we could come for a few hours each day until it was done we would be glad to help her.

She bought the material we needed and gave us the key to the front door; Five days later the walls were fixed, painted and two plumbing leaks she had were repaired.

Now that we know about Abigail and what she does, we will be supplying her with school supplies for this coming summer school season. This story is only possible because of your love and support. Thank you for allowing us to be part of Abigail’s story.