We had a chance to visit Matan while he was home for Shabbat. The hospital allows him to come home for Shabbat Friday afternoon and then he goes back to the hospital on Sunday morning.

The first thing we saw as we entered their home was a wheelchair outside Matan’s bed room. (There was not one there on previous visits) As we sat with his parents, and as we looked; who walked out of his room?… Matan! He had his new prostheses on and he was walking. He will be in the hospital a little bit longer but the doctors say in time he will be up

and running again.

Jonathan was admitted to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem right after Pesach. Apparently there were some problems with the way they put his internal organs back inside and there was a problem with blood circulation to his legs.

We visited him Monday morning and had a chance to spend time with Jonathan and Nana before his surgery. It was a blessing to be there with Nana as she waited for news from the operating room. She told us this was his fourteenth surgery as a result of shrapnel from the Kassam that injured him two and a half years ago.

Praise be to G-D the surgery went well and he is expected to be home this coming Sunday. We are all hoping and praying that this will be the last surgery Jonathan will have to go through.