This update may be short but what we did last month was not! It was through your support that we were able to do so much. Now we look forward to A new month and new opportunities to help. April 14 is Passover and we have placed our food order and are looking forward to its arrival on Sunday the 6th. That will give us one day to start packing 1200 bags of food for 400 families and still have time to delivered them before Passover begins. We have had many requests for help with small painting projects before Passover and we hope to be able to get to them all.

March has been quite a month. We put together and delivered  400 Purim bags of candy to one of our local school, delivered Purim treats to the soldiers who man the anti-missile  defense system “Iron Dome” and co-hosted a Purim party with the local Chabad synagogue for 400 plus chiildren. 

We delivered adult personal hygiene items to the elderly and we were able to order food to give to our 400 families for Passover.

We answered the call from families who needed food for Shabbat, paid for at test medical insurance would not cover and brought food to one of the local Yeshiva’s (Torah School).  All this we did while dodging Kassam Rockets fired at us from terrorists in Gaza. They say some 60 rockets were fired at us and the towns around us before a cease fire was reached.

Months ago we applied to be recognized by  from Amazon.Com as a Non-profit organization; this month they acknowledged us and has added us to the “AmazonSmile” program. It is quite easy, costs you nothing and will make a .5% donation to Hope For Sderot
from your purchases. 

All you have to do is click on this link and shop as normal and  you will be supporting us as you shop. The link is… I don’t know if it gets any easier than that! The more people that use this link and just shop as normal, the more support Amazon will send us. Maybe you could pass this information on to your friends or group for us.

When Yael  called us last week she was besides herself and almost in tears; she didn’t’t have enough money to buy a baby bottle to replace the one she lost and her  daughter was hungry (been there done that!). She said she went to other organizations here in town but no one would help her.  We told her to meet us at the store, we would be right there. For us it was no big deal but for a hungry baby and a frantic mom it meant the world.

Everything we do to help make life a little easier, to feed someone that is hungry or pay a medical bill is all made possible through your generosity; from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! If you would like to become part of this work you can click here, again THANK YOU!