We are finding as economic times continue, life is becoming an even more difficult struggle. We are seeing an increase of people asking for diapers for babies, undergarment protection for adults and for food assistance.

When you look at the cost of diapers you quickly understand the problem. For the cost of a bag of diapers you could feed a family of four dinner. Adult under garments are even more costly and puts an even bigger strain on a family’s budget.

As in the states, kids are moving back home. One of our families came to us just the other day asking for a little extra help. Their married son lost his job so he and his wife and their four month old baby did what most kids would do, they went to mom and dad for help. Mom and Dad opened the doors gladly to their children but then Dad lost his job.

We were able to pack them a box of food and a couple bags of diapers to help out. It is through your support and generosity that we are able to help… THANK YOU!

We recently had need of a photographer. As we checked different ones for the best price we settled on Eli. As we talked about what we needed He asked me if I remembered him: I told him, “Sorry I don’t”.

He went on to tell me about three years ago after a Kassam went through their kitchen wall and as a result of that terrorist attack his wife had a heart attack. After the terrorist attack on them, he came to us for help. For the next two years we brought them food every week.

As He was able to get back on his feet we stopped our help to them. I still couldn’t place his face but I did remember his wife and children who would be home when we made our deliveries.

It was good to see one of our success stories and an even bigger blessing to help him once again but this time as a paying customer. Over the years those who we help have become friends. When we have food and we can help they are appreciative and when we see more wood on the shelves and not enough cans they pray. Of the 450 families we help they make up 1246 people that through your love and generosity you help, you make their lives a little easier and they know there is a safety net for them if they should need it.
From the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU!!!