Since our last newsletter we have received several more Kassam rockets launched at us by terrorists in Gaza. The morning peace and quiet on last day of Pasach (Passover) was shattered by “Tseva Adom” resounding throughout the town. One of the Kassams landed near one of the synagogues here in town; it sustained some damage but no one was physically hurt although that wound of living with the constant threat of terrorist attacks was once again re-opened.

Thanks to our supporters, we packed and distributed over 1200 bags of food and 400 gift bags with Grape Juice, Matza Flour, Special Holiday Cookies, Matza and Chocolate Spread (which goes real well on Matza!) Of the 1600 bags, we delivered over 70 of them to those who couldn’t make it in to pick theirs up.
Our volunteer worked harder in preparation of Pasach this year than ever before, having only 3 days to pack and distribute the bags before the holiday.
As the sun set and the holiday began it was a good feeling to know we were able to help some celebrate the holiday. Again none of it would have been possible without your love and support… THANK YOU!

Sunday night at sunset we took time to remember the six million victims of the Holocaust. By 8 p.m. Sunday evening all places of entertainment were closed, that means resturants and coffee shops in respect to those who died just because they were Jewish.

Tomorrow at 10 A.M. all the air raid sirens in Israel will sound. Weather your at work, on the freeway, on a moving train or just walking down the street, everyone will stop what they are doing, stand to their feet in respect and everything will come to a stop as we remember the 6 million Jew who lost their lives in the holocaust.

It is something to see cars that were driving 120 KPH come to a dead stop in the middle of the freeway and after the sirens stop everyone will get back into their cars and continue on their way.

We will be receiving our next shipment of food this week. It will care us through May and prayerfully and hopefully before May is over we will have the needed $7000 to place an order for June.

Today we said “Good Bye” to our volunteer Joseph. He was with us for a little over a year but due to health issues he has not been able to come in latly . He moved up to Haifa. It seemed the constant stress of living in Sderot wore on him more than he could handle. We will miss him and wish him Shalom and health.

And lastly we were asked if we could help a local school with 20 sandwiches for kids that come to school in morning hunger. When Hope For Sderot first started Marco the guard at a school asked us for the same help. He was willing to make the sandwiches if we would provide the tune, egg, chocolate spread, we did that for 2 years until the school was closed because it could not withstand a kassam rocket attachs. At that point Marco found work elsewhere.

Gabby, like Marco is more than happy to make the sandwiches so we will once again be delivering the needed supplies to him. This will be a step of faith for us as we have no budget to do this but how do you say “No” to a hungry child.?… we can’t. It will cost around $350 a month to make the 400 sandwiches needed to feed 20 children a day, six days a week during the school year ( remember we go to school and work six days a week here in Israel).

If you would like to help us supply the food to make these sandwiches you can click here. A gift of $10 a month will enable us to supply 11 sandwiches a month or you can sponsor any number of sandwiches your like. It runs about .88 cents a sandwich. If you more information about this program you can click here. Thank you in advance for your love and support.