At first glance at the picture of our van you might think, “Oh boy a story about them wanting a new van” but that isn’t what this story is about! It is about our van though! Our van was donated to us almost two years ago. It had a few less dents and fewer miles back then.

The “Mitzvah Mobile” as my big brother so rightly named it, has for the past two years traveled the streets of Sderot delivering food to those on our distribution list who are not physically able to come and pickup their food. As of this week we are now delivering food to thirty of the 180 families per week.

You might say, “So what’s the point of the story if you’re not asking for help to replace the van?” The point of the story is… G-D has blessed this van and that is the point of the story, to give G-D glory, praise and honor for the van and for keeping it running.

In the past two years it has taken us every other week to Lod; a city about fifty miles northeast of Sderot so that we can pick up fruit and vegetables that are donated to us. In addition, it regularly takes us to four different kibbutzim to pick up donated potatoes, tomatoes and carrots.

With 251,000 kilometers on it and the way it looks one might think it was ready for the scrap heap, and to the natural eye it might. Each day it sets out to do good as we pick up and deliver “Mitzvoth” (Blessings). Yes, you do have to say a little prayer that it will start, but that is part of the joy of the Mitzvah Mobile.

The Mitzvah Mobile is one of the many reminders that G-D is the one who truly is the “Director” of Hope For Sderot and at best we are only his delivery boys. We just want to take this opportunity to thank him publicly for all He has done for us, and to include the Mitzvah Mobile!