Shayly was born on June 9 at 11:33. She weighed 3.27kg and was 38cm long. Mother and daughter are both doing fine. Shayly has hazel brown eyes and black hair like her mother. You may remember the stories we have told you about Ruti. Afeek was 4 years old when they were on their way to his kindergarten graduation. They heard “Tseva Adom” but could not find a safe place to hide. Afeek was killed in the attack and Ruti lost part of her right leg.

Four Years later Ruti has been given a beautiful gift by G-D; Shayly means “A Gift For Me.” Shayly and her mother are home from the hospital to start their new life together. We got to see her and hold her; she is truly a gift form G-D for Ruti, not to mention how cute she is! Shayly is not on Ruti’s sleeping schedule yet. She likes to sleep the day away and stay up all night, Ruti is hoping for that to change soon. We pray for G-D’s hand of mercy and protection to be upon them both.