It has been non-stopped for the past four months. Besides giving out food, delivering hot meals in the evening, preparing our brunch meal for ENOSH we have had one home repair project after another.

Your support is what keeps Hope For Sderot going and without it we would not be able to do all that we do. We never have or ever will take your acts of love and kindness, or sacrifice of support for granted.
We to go back to January to try bring you up to date.

At the end of January we were told about a to be soon single mom who has been told by social services that unless she did not get her house in order that they would not let her bring her newborn baby home when she comes into this world next week (3rd week in march 2016).
We were asked to please take a look at her house and see if there was anything we could do. We took a look and the pictures show what we found. The two before pictures are indicative of the mold and the damage to the walls and ceilings we found through the house.

We agreed to do some patching of wall, removing the mold and do some painting, in hopes that would help her out.
In the end the houses was totally repainted only after all the walls and ceiling were repaired. New light fixture, wall outlets and switches were replaced to replace old and damaged ones as well; the bathroom had all new fixtures installed  and we built a new closet for the baby’s room.

It was a non-stopped race with the baby due date but we won! It was completed 13 Mar 2016. Along the way I hurt my back which made some of the going slow and painful but in the end taking a step back and looking at the change in the house, seeing the smile on the soon to be new mom made it all worth it!.

It is because of your generosity, love and support that we were able to help this new mom out and give her new baby a nice home to come home to. THANK YOU for being there for us so we could be there for her.