Our hearts and prayers go out to of our friends who are in the hospital, one with heart problem and the other with a repertory infection that just won’t go away. We ask for your prayers for a fast recovery for them both.

School Supplies
School Supplies

This will be the last newsletter from Sderot in 2017. It has been a good year and yet at the same time a difficult year for us. Over the past nine year we have been part of many wonderful things as we reached out to the people of Sderot.

This year was no exception. Although we operated on a smaller scale this past year not being to help as much as we would have liked to, yet we are still grateful for all the support we received and all that we were able to accomplish.

With the help of our friends who came to Sderot over the past year we were able to help students with school supplies and wonderful new back packs. We were also able to distribute some wonderful warm winter clothing as well as baby cloths and beautiful handmade baby blankets, watches and shoes.

Because of you we were able to do several home repairs and improvements, build cabinets repairing and painting walls and installing new light fixtures. We were able to do two extreme makeover this year, one to one of our local schools and the second to a synagogue.

Even though we were not able to feed as many people as we have in the past we are thankful for those we were able to help and for all the other projects we were able to be part of.

All that we accomplished this past year could not have been accomplished without your love and support. We look forward with anticipation to 2018 and all we might be able to do next year with your help.

We are ending the year on somewhat of a precarious note as we have been the target over the past several weeks with terrorist rocket attacks from Gaza. The wailing of the “Tseva Adom” accompanied by the sound of explosions have rocked our lives again and set us a bit on edge.

Sderot Under Attack
Sderot Under Attack

We have always known that the cease fire that came with the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014 would eventually come to an end. The mayor of Sderot is calling for tough action from the IDF to put an end to this “Unacceptable way of life” that seems to be starting once again.

No matter what happens we are willing to stay and stand on the front lines of Sderot to help those who are in need. We rely on our love, generosity and support to make that happen.

From all of us at Hope For Sderot THANK YOU for allowing us to serve the people of Sderot not only over the past year but over the past nine years!

How many families will we be able help in the coming year? That will depend upon your compassion and generosity. Would you consider sending a special “Year End gift” so we can help those who will be coming to us for help.