To add to all the activities of this last week we had some friends come visit us from the States. Dave, Val and Rosemary were in the land on tour, but could not come this far without taking a day from their touring to come down to Sderot. They not only came to say “Hi”, but to bless us with some baby cloths, stuffed animals, food coupons and a whole bunch of wonderful food items we miss from the States.

We unpacked the baby clothes and arranged then by size and by color and then proceeded to make a few phone calls. The phone call quickly led to some home deliveries. Along with the handmade baby blankets we have from our friends in Canada, we were also able to bring baby clothes to Alana’s twins as well as some store vouchers so she could pick up formula and diapers.

Our next stop was to an expectant mother also with the name Alana. She is expecting a baby boy sometime this month; she presently has four girls and a boy who is very happy that he will be getting a baby brother to play with. As it just so happened, we had some clothes in blue for her son when he arrives and were also able to give her some store vouchers as well.

The next day we continued to entertain other friends from the States. Rob, who came to Israel to celebrate Hanukah among other things, came down to say “Hi” as well. We spent the day at the moxson distributing food but by days end we still had a few more bags of baby cloths to deliver. Rob has, as on trips in the past, brought us some much needed tools that will enable us to make some home repairs for those who are in need.

On our way home that day, we stopped by Anate’s house. Anate has just become a grandmother for the first time… to a baby girl and to another baby girl and to a baby son… triplets. This is the first case of triplets in Sderot’s history. Saba (or Grandma in Hebrew) could barely contain the joy as she showed us picture after picture of her new grandchildren that was taken through the glass at the hospital on her cell phone.
We were able to find three identical baby blankets and bless her with enough clothes for the three little ones.
We still have two more gift bags to deliver, four or five still to make, and about seventy more blankets. In as much as the weather has finally changed and it is getting cold, the blankets will probably go fast now.