By Linda Grant

I have been following the recent kassam activity there and continue to keep you all in my prayers.

I read a couple of interesting reports today. Apparently, after Israel’s announcement about building in Jerusalem, Obama had some important weaponry that was already in route to Israel diverted to Diego Garcia Airbase. Read the Story as reported by DEBKAfile. Also, is it possible that the US military wants the Palestinian territory to come under the CENTCOM umbrella? Read the Story as reported by DEBKAfile.

It just amazes me how the world cries “foul play” toward Israel in regard to the building in Jerusalem. The US Administration, as well as the rest of the world claim they are “outraged” and that Israel’s building in its capitol, in Judea, and in Samaria prevents the “peace process” from moving forward.

The demand that Israel halt all building in Jerusalem is a new demand. In the seventeen years that have past since the Oslo accord in 1993, the demand for Israel to stop building in its capitol has never been on the table.
The US Administration, the Palestinians, and the world continue to demand more and more “confidence building measures” from Israel while turning a blind eye to the overt aggression directed at Israel by the Palestinians.

While the world in its indignation shakes its finger at Israel, the Palestinians have been very busy this week. Not only do they continue to incite violence in Jerusalem and fire rockets from Gaza, this week they named a square near Ramallah after the female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who was responsible for Israel’s worst terrorist attack.

In 1978, she commanded a team that hijacked an Israeli bus. Thirty seven Israelis (thirteen children) and one American were killed and seventy wounded. To the Palestinians she is a “holy martyr”. To Israelis she is a bloodthirsty murderer.

Where is the outcry toward the behavior of the Palestinians. No “outrage” has been voiced by the pack of four; the US, Russia, UN, and the EU, who are the self proclaimed brokers of peace in the Middle East. Whatever happened to the term “honest broker?”