Today started at 6:53 this morning… the first Tseva Adom alarm started. Ever since then there has been one Kassam attack after the other. In less than eleven hours (so far) over 160 rocket have been launched from Gaza. One house in Sderot took a direct hit as did a matters factory.

Trauma Artwork
Trauma Artwork

Schools are closed, as are most stores and places of work. We have been advised to stay in and near our bomb shelters or “safe” areas until further notice. There has been an official decree from the Minister of Defense declaring a “special status” for the security situation for the next 48 hours starting at 15:00 today Nov 12th, due to threat of rocket attack on civilian population. Basically what it says is that the country is under attack.

The employees of the mattress factory that was hit and subsequently went up in flames, headed the early morning warning and the plant was closed. Who know what would have happened had they gone to work today. In the house that took a direct hit, we are thankful there were no physical injuries, but the trauma of your house being hit still leaves it deep scars on you and your children.

Being on the road was not safe today as well. A rocket hit the highway just milliseconds after two cars past the very spot of impact. It was truly a miracle no one was killed!

First responders answer every call while rockets are falling. Whether it is the ambulance service, the police or the fire department they are there putting their lives on the line.

The Writing Is On The Wall
The Writing Is On The Wall

Schools will most likely be closed tomorrow as well and it is just as well they are. Every time schools are closed because of rocket attacks the first few hours of the new school day is dedicated to dealing with the children’s anxiety. It is difficult for them to focus on learning, especially when you have to leave your safe room at home to get on a bus or walk to school.

Drawing your fear seems to help as does singing, dancing and music; and this is how the first half of the school day will begin. It’s a scary thing as a parent to send your little kids off to school and it is just as scary to leave your mom!

This is what these kids have grown up with all their lives, in fact every child born since 2001 has lived their entire life with the sound of the “Tseva Adom” alarm going off any time day or night accompanied by multiple “booms” as they feel the shock waves, hear the windows rattle and feel the house shake.

These are the kids, the families, the people Hope Foe Sderot reaches out to with food, clothing, household supplies, toy and games art supplies and school supplies; These are the children who we help keep the lights on in their homes and pay for prescriptions; the same parents we help with new baby cloths and baby blankets.

It is because of your generosity that we are able to do all that we do. We just signed our contract for our storefront for the next year. We which we could close our door and say “there is no longer a need for Hope For Sderot to be open” but it is quite evident by today attacks we are not able to do that.

So as we start to look towards our next year here in Sderot we hope and pray that you will continue to stand with us. If you have never supported us before maybe you would consider becoming a monthly supported… we could us your help!

Thank you for your time to read our newsletter, for your concern, your prays and your support.