How did you start your week, was it a typical Monday for you? For the people of Sderot it was the typical Monday. But by mid day we had two “Tseva Adom” alarms, both with loud booms.

I will try to convey what it is like to start your week like this, better yet to live your life like this. The threat is always on your mind. You are always looking, always listening, always on the edge of your chair. I don’t know if that computes for most people, maybe this might be easer to grasp.

It is like the person who can’t sleep at night because he lays in bed worrying about how to pay the bills or if he will be able to keep his house. It is like the persons with a wife and family of four that went to work and was told his job has been done away with and you have been given two weeks notice. It is like the mother who has her son in the military serving in Afghanistan. It is like the person who has been told he only has a short time to live. Add to that the economic hardship that comes with living in Sderot and there you have maybe a clearer picture of what Monday, well for that matter, every day for the past ten years has been like.

For the families we help, the weekly food distribution is what helps them with the food they need for the week. However, for most it is the hug, the smile, the prayer they receive when we visit them to deliver food that provides the greatest blessing. For most of the people we help it is the fact that someone cares, that people that don’t have to live here have come to bring support and hope, willing to become one with them and one of them just to remind them that G-D loves them. The true results of what we do will only be seen in eternity.