As I was walking the dog in the park this morning I couldn’t help but to look at the trees. It was so quiet the only sound you could hear was the wind blowing through the trees and for a moment forgot I was in Sderot Israel.

The peace and calm is wonderful and for a moment you’re not looking for the next place to go and hide. Since the end of the last Gaze conflict there has been peace in Sderot; Oh the Tseva Adom alarm has gone of maybe ten times but that’s still real good.

From the passer by, the tourist on vacation that happens to drive through Sderot or even comes to see what Sderot is like, they will see what looks to be a normal, peaceful quiet little town. People sitting outside at the coffee bar or falafel stand and will leave with no idea that 25 percent of the people here do not have enough money to pay the bills or to even put food on the table.

They would not see the people who work sixty hours a week for minimum wage and who still cannot make ends meet. They would not see the elderly gentleman going from one trash bin to the next hoping to find a glass bottle or an aluminum can, nor would they see them picking up any scrap metal they can find to help make ends meet. .

Yet from the outside everything look wonderful, peaceful and quiet and yet people still stop us on the street asking for help, hoping we will have enough food to put them on our list. When the man from the electric company is standing at their door ready to cut the power, they call us asking for help. When someone dies in a family and they don’t have enough money or food for the memorial they call us asking for help or when they have but a few hours to come up with back rent before they are evicted they come to us in hope.

Hope for Sderot has become an established, vital part of the community, giving hope when all is gone. The reason we can help is because you our supporters have a tender heart for us here in Sderot. Thing have not gotten better, if anything they have gotten worst. We need you help to continue what began over five year’s age.

We appreciate you support, love and prays and we hope and pray that through your continued support we will continue to be a Hope For Sderot. If you have never supported us before maybe would consider doing that. You will not get a brick with your name on it or a little plaque for your love and support, you won’t even ever see the smile that was put on a disabled father of four when he was give money for his family for Shabbat and they had a real treat… ice cream.

You won’t see the single mom when she come in to pick up diapers or the son who comes in to pick up adult diapers and matters protectors and wet wipes. You won’t see the smile on the elderly lady as we deliver her cooked food for Shabbat or the families we bring groceries Friday morning so they can prepare it for Shabbat.

I can go on about all the things you won’t see or won’t get but what I do know, is your good deed will not go unnoticed and I believe someday you will see the fruit of your loving kindness. If you would like to help us bring Hope For Sderot please click here.