G-D be praised and His name be blessed; for He has done great things! We did not know what to expect on Thursday night. The guests were invited, the decorations made, the Hanukah boxes prepared and the food purchased. On the seventeenth, a Kassam fell in the center of town (Read More) and we were afraid people may be reluctant to come out for the party on the eighteenth. We prayed that it would be a night with no Kassams, a silent night with no “Tseva Adom”. G-D heard our prayers and blessed us with a wonderful night.

We originally planned on seventy people… G-D had other plans

and He invited close to one hundred and fifty. We planed on making seventy Hanukah boxes. When all was said and done, He supplied for one hundred and twenty six. We were happy with a clown coming for the kids; G-D sent a man and his horse to give pony rides to the kids. In everything we planned, He supplied and did more then we could ever have hoped for or dreamed of… It was truly His night to once again provide in ways only He could.

As the children were being entertained by Yo-Yo, the clown, parents were able to sit in a safe building (the hall we rented has a twenty inch thick concrete roof), have coffee, tea or a cold soft drink with friends, eat the traditional jelly donut or other assorted pastries. We had applications for people to fill out if they would like to see how we could help them. We told them at the very beginning “we” (Hope for Sderot) make no promises how we might help them; but, we know G-D will supply the need for them and use us to help them. We now have seventy eight applications. Now the work begins.

A good time was had by all who came and we are praising G-D for His outpouring of love, mercy and grace upon us. G-D be praised and His name be blessed; for He has done great things!