We received a “Thank You” letter from Yad Sarah; it stated in part… “Please convey our heartfelt thanks to the donors from abroad who sent the items to help the people of Sderot. It has come at a very critical time for us, as the economic crisis has put severe stress on our services. It is so greatly appreciated”.

Recently we were able to help Yad Sarah with some much needed medical equipment and supplies. Hope For Sderot with the help of Joseph Project was able to pass on to Yad Sarah, walkers, canes, depends,
therapeutic socks, bath tub and shower seats and the list goes on.

Sderot residents are able to borrow equipment from Yad Sarah free of charge. The Sderot branch of Yad Sarah lends equipment for a three month duration or, if necessary, an extended period. Over 300 different medical-rehabilitative items are available, ranging from basic items to sophisticated and highly expensive devices. The branch’s equipment lending volunteers lend items to approximately 750 individuals each year.

We thank the L-RD that we were able to help.