No matter what religious background you came from, weather Jew or Gentile, there are those of us who call the L-RD G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob our G-D. So what does it mean to be called a child of the L-RD G-D most high? It means we have entered into a personal relationship with Him, If we are His children, that make Him our Father.

I don’t know about you but I love to hear my kids call me “Dad”. I like when they remember what I have done for them, when they take the time to call or E-mail, I love hearing them say “I love you.”  Is our Father in Heaven any different? Do we only call Him

when we need something or want something or do we call His as it would be just to say “I Love You.”

My father owned a furniture factory and I grew up knowing I was the boss’s son. There was protection that came from that, there were also responsibilities also with that position. As I grew older and was finally able to go to work at the factory, I knew I was different then the rest of employees that worked for dad.

The same thing hold true with our Heavenly Father. He is the Boss, there is none higher then Him. We are protected by Him, no one will fire us.  Yes we will get our hands dirty and sometimes we will get those jobs to do that aren’t the nicest, but we are to set the example of what a child of the living L-RD G-D should be.

We may have different backgrounds, but the one thing we have in common is our love for Him. Weather we were born of or adopted by, it makes no difference, He makes no distinction and neither should we.