This week’s news in the Jerusalem Post really did not come as a surprise. We , the residents of Sderot have always known that since the end of Operation Protective Edge, that Hamas was living true to their understanding of “cease fire” or “hudna” as they call it, namely, to take the time needed to rebuild, retrain, restock so they can come back to fight stronger before. According to the report, thats exactly what they have been doing.

As long as Hamas refuses to acknowledge and accept Israel’s right to exist and until they change their charter which is hell bent on destroying Israel and wiping every Jew off the face of the earth,  (they will never change their charter), there will never be peace.

Unfortunately, we will continue to live with, terrorist attacks, terrorist tunnels being dug into our yards and underneeth our school playgrounds and if the threat of Kassam rockets was not bad enough, we now have this new and improved terrorist rocket which is capable of caring an even more powerful payload. (I wonder if our bomb shelter can stand up to them?)

These new rockets with their stronger payload which will cause more damage and possible more injuries and fatalities. They are a short range rocket, designed to target the Israeli cities on the Gaza border, of which Sderot is one of their most favorite targets, with over 6000 rocket attacks in the past 16 years.

Sderot holds two world titles…. “The Rocket Capital Of The World” and “The Bomb Shelter Capital Of The World”; neither one is something to write home about but those two titles are the facts of life here in Sderot.

With that hanging over your head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year is it any small wonder why we have a list of 450 families all asking for help in some shape or form and is it any less of a wonder that we rely on your support to help them?

Presently the weather is nice, the sky is blue and the spring flowers are in bloom all around town and the barley is ripe which means, Passover is just twelve days away. The requests for help with Passover outweighs our ability to help which gives you an unique opportunity to change that.

Only you can help us help the many families who are looking for help for Passover; you can do that by clicking here. Your gifts and prayers won’t change the situation we live with, living on the border of Gaza, but it will ease some of the burdens for people who just want to raise their children and live their lives in peace and quite.

For all you love, prayers and support THANK YOU !