On the 28th of June, we will be loading up a bus one more time and fifty five of us will be heading up north for the day. Our first stop will be in Tzfat (Safed). It is said that in 1777, a rabbi who had come to Tzfat all the way from Europe packed up and left for Tiberius because the angles kept him up at night. Needless to say, the town is known for its tranquility, its art, its synagogues and the home of some of Israel’s great rabbis. While there, we will visit some of the religious sites and the cemetery of some of the great rabbis. From there we will make

our way down to Tiberius.

In Tiberius, we will stop at a few more sites, and we will have our BBQ picnic lunch in one of the parks. After lunch, we will make a few more stops and as the day ends, we will stop to pray minchan and maariv (afternoon and evening prayers); we will then board the bus and head back to Sderot. For many of our guests, this will be there first trip up north. To spend part of the day in a city known for its tranquility to visit some of the memorials of the great rabbis and to pray there is a special treat for them.

There are more people that want to come with us, but there are just so many seats on the bus. We hope to make this trip again in the fall and do it all over for another group of Sderotians that want to spend a day in prayer and tranquility away from the threat, anxiety and horror of kassam attacks.