Today we rented the Chabad hall, set up fourteen tables, unpacked fifty boxes of clothing that had been donated to us from three different organizations, made eighty five phone calls and proceeded to spend the day helping and watching those people whom we now call friends come and pick and choose the clothing, bedding and shoes of their choosing.

We saw our friends from the Ethiopian community, those who have been injured by Kassams, single moms, even the IDF came to pick up some “T” shirts and jeans for soldiers. At the end of the day, a near by shelter for woman in need came and picked up
what was left.  By the end of the day, the clothing was gone, people who needed a helping hand were blessed and their hope renewed, all because of those of you who have a giving heart.

No sooner did we leave the Chabad hall, but we received a call from a farmer in Netivot.  He had twenty-five crates of tomatoes for us. He also told us that he will give us one ton of potatoes for Pesach. He’s also going to talk to neighboring farmers to see if they would start giving us citrus fruit.

When the Children of Israel were asked to bring gold, silver and all kinds of colored silk to build the tabernacle, it came to the point where Moses had to tell the people to stop bringing their gifts to the tabernacle of the L-RD. We too, are seeing the generosity of strangers who want to be part of this work of G-D and for His glory. Once again, today, the words heard most often… “Barukh Ha Shem” and that makes it all worth while. May the name of the L-RD be praised for his goodness.