We had a meeting today with one of the organizations that supply us with personal hygiene supplies for adult. Joe asked “What has happened I have never seen the shelves in here empty like this before?” I told him we did not get enough money this month yet to place an order for the month of November yet.

He asked if I had contacted our supporters. I told him I have not and I feel like I have done all I can and the rest is up to GOD to supply what we need. He went on to tell me that fundraising is difficult and humbling.

Even though Hope For Sderot is a humanitarian Aid Organization my personal faith plays a big part, although I try to keep the two separate. All along I have said that HFS is not mine but belongs to GOD, I am just His delivery boy.

As director of Hope For Sderot I have tried not to fill our newsletters with plea after plea for your financial support. Yet today as I sat in our storefront all I could see were empty shelves; shelves that I have not seen since we first built and installed them and with a tear in my eye, all I could do was to scratch my head and ask “Why”.

A news report today said the average cup of coffee out runs about eighteen shekels or about five U.S. dollars, at that rate it would only take 1600 people on all the earth to give up one cup of coffee a week and we could help feed our 450 plus families without any interruptions.

We need your help. Maybe your club, or a group you are a member with, your church group or synagogue would be willing to help either buy sacrificing a cup of coffee a month. Maybe your group would be willing to help get the word out that for a small price Hope For Sderot can do great things for those in need in Sderot.

We are not about Zionism or not, one or a two state solution, Jew or Palestinian GOD given land or occupied land. We are about helping innocent men woman and children who live with the daily threat of a rocket landing on their roof or on the sidewalk where their children are walking to school; Why we aren’t even about religion, we are about showing unconditional love and support.

Now that you know who we are and what we are about would you consider helping us either by a gift or forwarding this to people you know. Like I said it only takes the sacrifice of one cup of coffee or a Big Mac by 1600 people to help feed 450 families or 1318 people. We need your help, will you please consider a monthly gift to Hope Foe Sderot of just $5. Click here to get started… Thank you!

Stewart Ganulin Director Hope For Sderot