Once again through your love and generosity for the terror victims of Sderot we were able to open our door this month and distribute food, diapers, incontinence supplies, feed ENOSH and make three home repairs.

 Through that same love and generosity we also supported two lone solders, helped 35 children celebrate Hanukah and fed 120 school children lunch this month.

  All of this was made possible by you, our supporters. As always “Thank You” seems so small and inadequate to convey our gratitude but I don’t know of any other way to tell you “THANK YOU”!

If you could only see the smiles, hear the thank you or in some cases see the tears of gratitude for the bags of food someone just received; if you could only feel the love present in our storefront on packing day or delivery day you would have an even greater understanding of how mush your gifts are appreciated.

 Our doors were open in December because of you and they will only be open in January with your continued love and support. You can help keep our doors open by clicking here.

Some of our supporters have been able to experience firsthand the packing, the distribution, the home deliveries, as well as the smiles and thank you that we experience each week. If you are coming to Israel and would like to spend a few days with us so you too can see firsthand what your support looks like to us hear, just send us an email and we will be more than happy to share the experience with you.