When Tamar lost her 5 year old daughter last week her social worker came to us and asked if there was any way possible to help this grieving family.

We asked how can we help? They need someone to bring them food to eat each day of as they “Sat Shiva” (the week-long mourning period in Judaism). By lunch time that very day we delivered enough hot food for the Family and we continued it for the remainder of the seven days.

 It was through your generosity that we were able to deliver food to them in their time of need. We have often said; we are just the delivery boys. It is you who the thank you belong, to you the smiles or tears of joy belong and it should be your ears that here them thanking GOD for the blessing, the gift, the help they just received.

 The weather this week matched their mood. It was cold and wet as we got our first good rain of the season. We asked if there was anything else we could help them with “We have no heat in the house and a portable heater would be nice. Again because of your love and generosity we were able to deliver two new portable heaters.

 This family has started their grieving process but for this mother it will never end, the place at the table will always be empty, that bedroom will always be empty and the sound of this five year old running through the house will only be heard in this mother memories. You fed them, you warmed then and you comforted them in their time of need. THANK YOU!

 You have no idea the impact your love and support has on the people of Sderot but we do; we see and receive what is rightfully yours. It is your generosity that make possible all we do; weather if bring food to families in need, supplying sandwiches to hungry children in school or providing diapers for single mother of incontinence supplies for the elderly or helping grieving mothers like this. From all of us at Hope For Sderot, THANK YOU!