In January we learned about ENOSH, a non profit organization here in Sderot that is dedicated to promoting mental health and enriching the quality of life for people with psychiatric disabilities. They offer a variety of services, all leading to the goal of an independent, self confident and a recovered life for the participants in the program.

At that time we were asked if we could help provide one meal a day for the thirty or so people that come to “The Green House” to work on craft projects that they sell in their store here in Sderot. They make fired ceramic items, jewelry and some of the most beautiful hand crocheted rugs I have ever seen.

In February we took a step of faith and provided a lunch of salads and cheese to them for the first time. This week we took another step of faith, well we actually took two steps…the first step we took was with lunch for them once again. The second step was to tell them we would be back in two weeks to do it again and this time at both of their locations here in town.

A few more carrots, another head of cabbage, some more eggs or potatoes will feed both facilities. Besides my G-D owns the cattle on a thousand hills, what are a few more cans of tuna or a few more slices of cheese to Him? To the clients of ENOSH it is a huge blessing.

We have also added them to our list of people we bring vegetables to every other week as well. Our carrot and potatoes suppliers ask us how many bags we need each time we go to pick them up. So for us to take two more bags of each is more than ok with them.

These simple little meals every other week bring a smile to their faces, a bright spot in their day and hopefully they will leave a good taste in their mouth. How has years of Kassam rocket attacks effected this group of people? I can’t say, but for an organization from America to come and say in a tangible and tasteful way, G-D loves you, has not forgotten you, and you have friends in America that care about you speaks volumes.

If you would like to help with this now, on going project click here.