“So be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning to Mount Sinai, and present yourself to Me there on the top of the mountain.

As a young child my parents would take us just about every year to Highland Springs; a family resort in Banning California. It was a wonderful place to go and when dad would announce we were going to Highland the excitement and anticipation was unbearable. We counted down the days and had a hard time going to sleep the night before we would go.

Getting ready to go someplace special is always exciting… tell your kids your taking them to Disneyland next week and see what happens. So why do we treat going up the mountain to be with G-D as if we were going to the dentist for a root canal?

My G-D, the one who loves me, who created me and who longs to spend time with me waits day in and day out for some of us to even say hi. I’ll stand in line to get good tickets for a concert or will get up early to get to the golf course to get a good tee off time for next week but to get up to spend time with G-D; I’m to tired.

Moses got up early to go to the mountain and G-D met him there. While in the presence of G-D, Moses became oblivious to everything else, it was just him and his G-D. One day turned into another and then into fourty days. Needless to say, Moses was blessed. Moses heard and saw things that no one else had seen or heard because he was willing to get up early and come to the mountain of G-D

The same holds true for you and me when we get up early and meet with G-D. The time in His presence seems to fly by and before we know it’s time to come down the mountain and go to work. The time spent with Him causes our hearts to burn as He speaks His word to our hearts. We find that the time we had with Him is not enough and we need to meet Him even earlier tomorrow.

He may not give you tablets to write, but He will write on the tablets of your heart and that will change you forever…