We have had volunteers come and go over the past two years. Seldom are we blessed when one can come back to their family here in Sderot. This past week we were blessed as Deanna came back to Sderot to help and serve. Deanna is a trauma nurse in Alberta Canada. She came back to the land to take a week long course in trauma protocol here in Israel.

She will spend this next week learning Israeli protocol when responding to trauma. She will be training with IDF simulators and emergency room Doctors in Israeli hospitals. Why the training? She knows all to well the reality of the situation here in Israel and is willing to come in a moment’s notice to help when that day comes; not to mention she loves Israel.

Reaching out to people in need and helping in time of a crisis is not new to Deanna. She has made two medical trips to Haiti and is presently planning her next trip. The need is very real and her heart has been stirred to help.

Deanna brought with her 116 handmade baby blankets and quilts and she has one more batch to still bring to us ( I guess we will be blessed again down the road when she comes back!)

Hannah and Haget were the first two babies to be covered with “This Blanket of Love” as it’s label states. In the days and weeks to come we will visit other families who have little ones here in Sderot as well as a local orphanage and the children’s ward at the hospital in Ashkelon. As we warm these little ones we hope to share stories from our deliveries that will warm your hearts as well.

Deanna spent her time with us doing what we do… packaging vegetables, packing food baskets, making home deliveries and yes, delivering baby blankets! To all the ladies in Cardston Alberta Canada who have spent all those hours and even days that it must have taken to make these blankets… Thank You! As you have covered these little ones may Ha’Shem cover you and your families in that same love that caused you to make these blankets and may His love warm you as well.