In light of the current events involving the flotilla from Turkey and the world’s opposition toward Israel rapidly increasing, the mission of Hope For Sderot must out of necessity also broaden.

Within the means we currently have we need to begin to buildup our stock pile of food and emergency supplies even more so now than ever before. Because we are limited to the space in our Moxson, or storefront, we will need to redesign some of the shelving units and remove most of the office space to accommodate as many supplies as we possibly can.

The laborers are standing by ready to begin the needed modifications; the material currently is the only thing holding us back. The estimated cost of the needed material is 3317 shekels ($850) to get started.

The current events did not precipitate this change in “Mission”; it has always been part of the “Mission” but has been put on the back burner for way to long. A bigger place would be nice but with 7 months still on our current lease, coupled with the present rent cost, it would seem in the best interest of stewardship to make due the best way we can with what we have. How much time do we have to prepare for the next round of Kassams, scuds and possibly gas attacks, only G-D knows?

We have been talking about this for almost two years. We have accomplished a lot in that time but we still have miles to go before we can rest. The stockpiling of food here in Sderot is being accomplished slowly but surely. With the Joshua Fund’s warehouse up and running, the stockpiling of food will go faster due to the saving of food cost; allowing our food dollar to now go further.

The war supplies that are needed other than food; plastic and tape to seal windows and doors in case of a chemical attack; flashlights, spare batteries, candles, matches for emergency lighting; paper plates, cups, eating utensils, trash bags, baby wipes, napkins for use while in your bomb shelter; basic first aid supplies, games, coloring books for kids while in the bomb shelter and maybe the most important items, a copy of the Psalms.

With more flotillas on their way, and some of them from Iran, it seems the heat this summer is going to be hotter and not just from the summer sun. Your prayers and support are coupled with the grace and the mighty hand of G-D who will keep us safe and we will accomplish all He has for us to do.