In our last newsletter we told you about an unexpected new project Hope For Sderot has begun. In addition to Helping people with food, utility bills, clothing, diapers and incontinence supplies for senior citizens we have started preparing lunch each day for a group of thirty six seniors citizens who are ninety percent Holocaust survivors. This newsletter is to bring you up to date on that new project.

We are now entering our fifth week of providing food for The Sderot Seniors Day Center or as the seniors call it the “club”. We have been preparing lunch each day for thirty six seniors and six volunteer, but that might increase in the future.

In this Fridays newspaper the manager of the club ran this article inviting all those who left five weeks ago to go to other centers in fear that the “club” would have to close to comeback. The add read like this…

Sderot’s Old Peoples Day Center

We are open as normal, even with all the difficulty’s that have been placed on us on purpose by the Ministry of Welfare were still open as normal.
Our new program is without busses and because of the good people who donated to us food every day and our volunteers we continue to exist.
We are calling all the old people who can come to the Day Center on their own, to come and join us again for activities and love.

When we started this project we thought we would be helping them out for maybe three week while their issues with the city Mayor and the Ministry of Welfare were worked out but that hasn’t happened yet.

In the meantime the center has come to depend on the hot lunch meal we deliver each day to keep the “club”open, not to mention the seniors who also look forward to the hot lunch and the small plates of left overs they take home for dinner.

Each day we prepare a main dish, a side dish, two salads, juice and bread. We also make sure they have eggs, bread or rolls, milk for coffee for breakfast for as well .

The menu changes from day to day and has included; Meatball in tomato sauce with pasta, Meatloaf with roasted new potatoes, Snitzel with mashed potatoes or baked chicken with rice. One day a week we make tuna salad, egg salad and five different types of vegetable salads and Monday is pizza day.

We are not quite sure what next week will hold due to the ad in the newspaper so we could see an influx of seniors returning which in turn will mean we will need to prepare more food.

It is costing us $125 a day to provide the food for breakfast and the hot meals for the fourty two people, that comes out to $3.00 per person for breakfast, lunch and a take-away plate.

It has been because of your generosity that we have been able to feed these Holocaust survivors and seniors citizens for the past four week and it will be because of you continued love, care and generosity that we will be able to feed them until the issues are resolved .

To those who presently support us, THANK YOU! Every smile we receive belongs to you, every “God bless you” belongs to you a well, because you are the ones who are making this possible.

If you have never supported Hope For Sderot before would you consider helping us feed these Holocaust survivors and seniors citizens today, We really need your help? Just click here to donate and please mark your gift for the “Club”.

Thank you in advance for your love and support!