December 19,2008 will mark the end of the current cease fire between Israel and the Hamas terrorists  on the other side of the Gaza strip. What can the residents of Sderot expect? That answer might have been answered this past week with the firing of sixty plus rockets into Sderot and surrounding areas.

The very same night the IDF blew up a Hamas tunnel that was intender to be used by terrorists to kidnap Israeli solders; Hamas started firing Kassams. The cease fire has been violated more then seventy time so far in the first fifteen days of November.

Both sides have been taking advantage of the cease fire.
During the past four months of relative calm, new bomb shelters have been springing up in Sderot, in school yards, near play grounds and on  the backs of homes.  Hamas has been rearming, building rockets, smuggling arms and training their terrorists.

It is clear that a “cease fire” or “Hudna” to the Hamas is but an opportunity to temporarily lay down their arms only to pick them up on another day with greater vengeance. December nineteenth is a month away. Is this the day they have been preparing for over the past few months?

As reported by Paul Chapman and Reuters, members of the Popular Resistance Committees have been building and stockpiling rockets and  militants from the Gaza Qassam Brigades in field combat exercises using live ammunition.

Hamas has recruited Palestinian women from within Gaza and have been trained for suicide missions.  This is nothing new for the Hamas terror organization In the past, Hamas, used women to carry out suicide bombing attacks in Israel and against IDF soldiers while on operations in the Gaza Strip.

In is reported that Popular Resistance Committees new rockets called Nasser-4, which can travel up to 25 kilometers. These new rockets can now reach Ashkelon, and Ashdod which are both heavily populated areas.

While international community still condemns Israel for closing the border crossings into Gaze, there is little if any condemnation for Hamas or pressure for them to cease their hellish attacks on innocent women and children. What is in store for  Sderot  on the nineteenth? Is this what Hamas and its henchmen have been waiting for? Is this why they were willing to accept a cease fire, A Hudna? Will “Tseva Adom” become the norm again? What will the Israeli government do to defend her citizens” What will the international community do and who’s side will they be on? What will the so called lovers of Israel do? Will they speak up and make their heard? What ever the answers are the people of Sderot will feel the full effect.