Back in February, we were blessed with a gift and the donor asked that it be spent on the kids of Sderot, and we did just that. During Purim we invited the kids of Sderot to a Purim party, you might have read about it in one of our previous articles, if not, you can read it here. After all was said and done, there were still some funds left over.

Shula, a kindergarten teacher, asked for some help. She invited us to the school where she teaches, where we had an opportunity to meet the kids. She asked if we could help with a bookcase. It seems that the non-religious schools get
less funding than the religious schools. The books were sitting in a plastic basket on a table.

It just so happens one of our volunteers is a cabinet maker. Shula took us to another classroom and showed us a sample of what she hoped to have for her classroom. After a few measurements and a rough sketch, we were on our way to the lumber yard to pick up the material needed.

This week we delivered the bookcase she had been hoping for. With a smile, Shula said, “Ya-fe” or in English, “Beautiful”. Thank you again for your love and support for the people of Sderot.