Why is it that we spend so much time looking at the things that make us different, I am talking especially about Jews and gentiles or Jews and Christians. Why can’t we instead, look at the things that we have in common and the things we agree on. Yes there are differences but will we let our differences stop us from working together for the common goal.

You don’t dress like I do, you worship different then me, you raise your hands to pray, you knee. Are we both praying to the G-D of Israel. Are we both sing praise to that same G-D. Do you really think G-D wants us all to look alike, sound alike and be alike?

In this section we will look at the things we have in common, the things we can agree upon. For what reason, so we can come together to bring Hope to Sderot. I do not always agree with my brother and sister and they do not always approve of what I do but we are able to get beyond that to come together as a family. Do you really think it is pleasing to G-D how we behave in His name?

For five minutes, for this web site, for the hope of Sderot can we take our eyes off of ourselves, the things I like and dislike about you and focus our attention on just two things… One G-D and two the people of Sderot that have suffered at the hands of terrorist from the Gaza and say, “We are here for you, we will stand by you, we will support you” Can we become one?