It was a short month but not short on opportunities to help people. Five new babies were born to our family of people we help; two boys and three girls. We were asked by all five for help. Diapers and baby formula are not items we have normally distributed but on occasion would help here and there.

This week alone we have made five trips to the market for diapers and baby formula. It takes about three hundred shekels a month to keep a baby in diapers alone. We were lucky; they were on sale this week… two packs for eighty eight shekels. Formula is fifty six shekels a can.

When after paying your basic of basic home bills and you have anywhere from 970 to 1800 shekels ( $262-$486) left to buy food, clothing , transportation i.e. bus or taxi you don’t have a whole lot left to now buy diapers; so we are changing and adding some new items we will supply to those we already help with food.

We will help as YAH supplies the means to be grandparents to these little one. Have you ever thought about adopting a child? Oh I don’t mean physically but maybe emotionally, spiritually, to help with the necessities of life for a baby? In the weeks to come we will post a new page for just that.

We will provide you with names; pictures and a short story about one of these (for now) five babies. You will be able to pick boy or girl whom every you want to help support. It may be that it is a group of people who adopt a child; it may be a club or even an individual.

It is our policy that when we receive a gift for a person we make sure that person receives 100% of your gift. We will send back to you the receipt from the post office that gives the exchange rate of your gift into shekels and a copy of our Benevolent Gift form that is filled out by each person we help.

Think about it, pray about it and let us know it you are interested.