Even though it has been a short week we had many blessings. With Rosh Hashanah starting on Wednesday at sunset we needed to prepare or food bag and holiday gifts and have then ready to be delivered on Monday and Tuesday this week. What did that mean for us? Well it meant starting work as soon as Shabbat was over last week. First blessing… Hope for Sderot has a dedicated group of volunteers who were willing to come out after Shabbat to pack the 285 bags of food.

Over the past three years whenever we needed help they have always been there to help. There is no paycheck waiting for them at the end of the month and there is no “thank you” bag of food each week and on most holidays, other than a “thank you” a hug and a kiss there is nothing else for them. There is the satisfaction of being part of what G-D is doing through us and the love of the family that we have become. As the director I could not be any more blessed by the family G-D has brought together.

Early Sunday morning we were off to pick up apples and pomegranates. G-D provided the funds for them as well as the plates and all the wrapping supplies. Up until Thursday of last week we still did not have the funds to purchase them… But we serve a faithful G-D and as always He made sure everything was there right on time for us! We already had been blessed with the wine, honey and honey cake… again our Father in Heaven and now we had all we needed to start packing the gift.

Once again our volunteers showed up and for the next five hours we packed gift after gift and stopped at 150, leaving still 150 more to do on Monday. We opened our doors Monday morning to smiling faces, and to hear toda raba and Burch Ha’Shem all day long. 290 bags of food and 300 gift went out the door by Tuesday evening; all made possable by a G-D who loves us, supporters that love G-D, us and the His children.

To all of you THANK YOU! Thank you for your love, prayers and support. You have no idea of the impact you make on the lives of those we help. It is mind boggling for them to think that people they never met love them and care about them… I guess it must be a G-D thing. To G-D be all praise, honor and glory!