Over the years we have made friends from all over the world; Many through e-mails, others through their support for Hope For Sderot and some we have met personally here. It has been over three years since we last saw David and Robin in Israel.

We received an e-mail last week that they would be in the land and would like to stop by to spend some time with us.  With them this time came Scott, Allison and their two teenage children.  We were able to share with them what G-D has done since we last saw each other and spend some time with them before they continue on their journey through the land. 

David and Robin are from Hawaii; Scott and Allison are from Colorado.  It was fun to get acquainted and reacquainted with our friends. Scott and Allison brought with them a suit case full of toys and candy… it makes you want to be a kid again! 

We have many kids that come in with their parents on the days we distribute food. We try to keep a supply of candy on hand for them so some of this blessing will go to them. For some we hope to go up to the hospital in Ashkelon and visit some of the kids there. The hope and plan is that when we go to the hospital we will bring a clown with us as well.

It is a wonderful thing and a very special blessing to be the deliver boys and girls for Ha’Shem. He opens doors we could never have dreamed of. With those open doors He also supplies the things we need to complete that which He sets before us. He is truly a wonderful, amazing G-D! 

To G-D be all the praise and Glory and a special thanks to David and Robin, Scott and Allison for also being His delivery boys and girls.