We were blessed once again this week by The Joshua Fund as they restocked our shelves for the third time with food. We presently are feeding 96 families each week with canned and dry food, and with fresh vegetables. In addition, we are providing one hundred and fifty sandwiches a week to school children. We are blessed to be a part of this work of Ha Shem as He does what only He does best… taking care of His children.

To all of our supporters, it is only through your generosity that Purim

Celebrations, retreats to En Gedi and other projects are made possible. From all of us at Hope for Sderot, the 96 families, the school children and the local shop owners, “Thank you”.

Shop owners? Yes!!… you see we made it our goal – when at all possible – to buy everything locally in Sderot and in so doing, not only are we helping the people who have been injured and those effected by years of Kassams, but we are also helping the local economy as well.