It has been a while since we had an update for you on Shoshanna and our hope to provide her with the needed dental work she need. It has been a long time since she could smile with a full smile and we still aren’t there yet but we are finally on our way.

In the past five week there have been four dental office visits and another scheduled for next week. X-rays have been taken and a plan of attack has been drawn up. Of the eighteen teeth that she has left, every single one of them will need work either to save or remove.
To date two root cannels have been started fourteen teeth have been pulled. It presently looks like all her upper teeth will have to be pulled and a set of full upper dentures will be needed. Hopefully there will be enough teeth left on the bottom so that a partial can be made for them.

We are moving slowly and yet as fast as we are able to cover the cost of the work that is needed. The dentist doing the work unfortunately is not a local one and we travel up to the Tel Aviv area for her appointments. Shoshanna is happy with the work that is being done and wants to thank those of you who are making this new smile for her happen.

We will be giving her mouth a rest and a time to heal before we move on to the next phase… reconstruction. There are a few options but only one of them is cost effective. A set of dentures will cost about five thousand shekels ($1500 USD) the second option, to put post would run 58,000 shekels. The first is obtainable the second requires a small miracle… lets see what YAH does!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Shoshanna.