With the Covid-19 closing down the economy and just about every facet of social life, it might be hard to find any “Silver Lining”, yet there are plenty if we only take the time to see them.

The supplies we have on our shelves are still going out to those in need – clothing, toilet paper, personal hygiene items as well as food and cash aid.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to continue helping those in need, and that is because YOU have made it possible. I recently wrote a thank you note to one of our donors…

“As I reflect on how GOD has and is sustaining us, I have come to see that your support is more than the gift. It is a portion of all the work you do. It is a portion of the days or nights you spent working; all the aches and pains you experienced from that work, all the energy you expended to make that gift possible; the same hand that produced it, is the hand that gave it. It was then wrapped in your sacrifice and topped with a bow of love and compassion.

You have given us and the people we help so much.

Food aid
Food bags

You have caused our faith to grow, you have caused the name of GOD to be praised and blessed and you have shown all that “we are not in this fight alone”.

Avigdor is a single Dad raising two young daughters. When Israel shut down, he lost his job. The easy going dad started to feel the pressure of being out of work, no money coming in and his food supply dwindling down to the point that you can now see the shelf paper.

Thanks to YOU, we went shopping for them. Vegetables, fruit, chicken, ground beef, bread, milk breakfast cereal… eight bags full. When we knocked on his door he could not believe this was for him and his daughters.

While we were still there we overheard a phone call. He was sharing with whoever was on the other end about the food we brought him. The silver lining… He told his friend that he could help him with some of the food he had just received. Neighbor helping neighbor even with what little they have!

You may remember David, the little boy who suffers from Arthrogryposis and how for the first time in his life, David finally got a taste of interacting socially as this was his first year at school; but all that came to a screeching halt right after Purim, when all the schools here were shut due to Covid-19.

We have continued to help his family with clothing, food and financial support. If you did not get a chance to read his story, you can click here to read it

Donated from the U.K
Donated from the U.K

One of our supporters in England sent us a BIG box of clothing, toys and various other items. We put together a bag full of action figures for David, who once his eyes fell on the bag, has not let go.

Someone else donated a remote control truck and excavator.  It just seemed right to give those to him also.
His mother called to thank us for the truck and sent us a video and some pictures of him dancing while he was playing with it. There has been one silver lining after another during this difficult time and we THANK YOU for making them all happen!

Abraham is married and has 4 daughters; he too is out of work. We were able to give him some much needed cash aid for food. The “Silver lining”… I called him later in the day to see how they were doing and he said he shared some of the money with one of his friends who was also out of work. You bless us, we bless them, they bless others and we all thank and bless GOD!

Your gifts are going further than we ever imagined as we watch those in need reaching out to others who are also in need. Through your generosity YOU have brought out the best in people. THANK YOU!

Obviously none of us are out of the woods yet and the needs are still great. People who are 67 and older are being told they should not back to their work place as thing open up out of concern for their health. The potential to need to help these senior look to be inevitable.

You love, support and prayed are needed more now than ever and with your support we realize that your sacrifice at this time is even greater now than ever.

From all of us at Hope For Sderot, the Avigdor’s, Abraham’s and David’s you provide help for; for all the “Silver Linings” you have made possible… THANK YOU.