It was a nice sunny and warm Shabbat. The local park was full of kids playing and their parents enjoying a quiet Shabbat. I can’t tell you the last time we had a rocket launched at us and that is a nice feeling. By the picture one would think everything is good and life for us here in Sderot is just fine, but that is not quite the true picture.

Sara is a single mother of three. Two of her children are still at home. She starts her day by being at work at 6 A.M. and works until 3 P.M. she is a line cook at Sapir collage’s cafeteria.

She spends her day making sandwiches for the students and staff. The pay in only a minimum wage job and she works nine hours a day six days a week. She dose not earn enough to make ends meet so an hour after she leaves the collage she goes to work at one of the local bakeries . She starts work there at 4 P.M. and works until 9P.M. each night. She works fifteen hours a day to make ends meet.

Pinhas is a father of four. Both he and his wife work full time jobs and still there is not enough to make ends meet. His daughter has been accepted to a business collage in Jerusalem but he has no way to pay the tuition. To add to his plate of life he suffers anxiety attacks over the years of Kassam rocket attacks, and at the end of the month his lease is up on the apartment where they live. Rent will be going up and the government assistance has stopped.

So even though it looks like a beautiful day for many it is a day off from work and that is a blessing but the reality of daily life will return as soon as the sun sets today.
Yaakov will still need adult undergarments for his mother, Eden still need diapers for her babies and there are 450 families looking forward to their next bag of food.

We want to thank you for your help as we continue to help these and many other families who have lived the past eleven years with the constant threat of a terrorist attack from our neighbors just the next town away… in Gaza.

If you have never helped feed, cloth or pay a utility bill for one of the 450 families we serve, you do it by clicking here.