Half way through the first month of 2013 and  I would like to thank all of you who responder to our last newsletter. Hope For Sderot has always been a “faith walk” and as we enter this new year it seems that has not changed.

We had food enough for this month and other niceties as well to give out. Looking back, having shelves full of food was nice but now we have the ability to store and distribute other items that are given to us.

This month we added aluminum foil, napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, blankets, diapers for adults and babies as well as a supply of reading glasses. Fresh fruit and vegetables were added as well as new food items that we have not had before.

 What once looked like a problem now has a whole new look to it as we are now able to meet the other needs of those we serve as well as the food we have been giving out over the past four years.

It costs $30 a month to help feed one of our 445 families we now support. Maybe you would like to help one of our families with a monthly contribution. If so you can click here to do that. We thank you in advance for your continued support.

Since the end of the “Pillar of Cloud” operation in Gaza, thing have been quiet; which is nice and yet strange. In the past, from the very moment a cease fire was supposed to begin there were rockets being still fired at us, but not this time.

We always have to keep in mind that a cease fire (Hudna in Arabic) is not a sincere effort to stop the fighting and to try to establish peace. Hudna is taking the opportunity while the fighting has stopped to rebuild, restock and retrain only to be able to come back stronger and continue the fighting at a later date.

What took us almost four years to save and put aside for war was used during the “Pillar of Cloud”. For us at Hope For Sderot this time of quiet gives us a chance to restock and make preparation for the next round of incoming rockets. With your help we too will be ready for the next round of terrorist attacks on the people of Sderot.