For the past five days Sderot has once again been the target for Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Fifteen rockets have landed somewhere in the city limits of Sderot, three of them were direct hit. DEBKA reports that “Hamas achieved three direct hits of buildings in Sderot with three guided missiles in a dangerous escalation early Thursday of its attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip.” Once again it feels like Sderot is under attack. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page as well via news letter.

At 12:52 a.m. we were woken up from a sound sleep by the “Tseva Adom” alarm sounding. As normal we made our way to the bomb shelter. We heard two loud explosions and then the  lights in  the house went out. One of the Kassams hit a power pole and  half of the city  was left in the dark for most of the night.

We made the  customary phone calls to our family members ; Mom said she had no lights but our son said that the Kassam hit his apartment building. With that we were out the door in the pitch black on the way to  his apartment.

The road was blocked my police, ambulances, the bomb disposal unit and city officials. We parked the car down the street and walked under the red police barricade tape to gain access to his home.

Yahear was shaken to say the least. He too was  woken up by the “Tseva Adom” alarm sounding and then the impact and explosion of the Kassam which left him in a daze and a bit disoriented.  “It was the loudest explosion I have ever heard” he said as we sat in  the dark.

The Kassam hit the fourth floor and went through the side wall. It blew out the windows in much of the house as well as the windows in the apartments below. Three vehicles were damaged by shrapnel and flying debris.

The three residents of the apartment that had been hit made it to their bomb shelter before the Kassam slammed into their home. “If it we not for the Mamad (bomb shelter in Hebrew)  we wouldn’t be here talking to you know, the Mamad saved our lives”

Since 2001 over 8,600 rockets have hit the city of Sderot.

We have been called the bomb shelter capital of the world as the government has spent over $150 million on building bomb shelters onto each apartment, some are four stories high.

With only 15 seconds warning of an incoming rocket, bus stops are bomb shelters, playground  have bomb shelters made in the shape of  animals, schools have been retro fitted and new school have been built to withstand the impact of Kassams; Tonight those improvements  to our homes  paid off.

Throughout the early morning hours you could hear the IAF jets and helicopters in the air going to and coming back from targeted runs into Gaza. You could hear the rolling explosions, almost sounding like thunder as the IAF hit their targets.

This morning is a new day, patents may be a little thinner, more horns from cars will sound as people just want to get to where they have to go and get back home. Moms will worry a little bit more as they send their children off to school, if they send them to school at all. The reality of life in Sderot goes on being ignored by the main stream media… again a reality of life in Sderot.